Vertigo | Abstract Art Paintings

This is a beautiful 36 X 36 sofa sized painting titled “Vertigo“, by artist Joey Santiago. With just a couple of chalkboard push pins, this painting is ready to hang and is protected by 2 coats of medium gloss varnish. Abstract Art Paintings!

Music Is Instrumental While Painting

Listening to U2's "Vertigo" inspired me to name this beauty. Most everyone that's familiar with my style knows that I'm very partial to red. This time I decided to throw red away from my train of thought. Music is very instrumental when it comes to adding color and naming the finished product. Music has inspired some of the most progressive art of our time from the abstract painting of Wassily Kandinskv to the mid-century experimental films of Oskar Pischinger. Personalities as different in their background and outlook as František Kupka and Paul Klee both created ‘fugue’ paintings. Similarly, a wide-spread admiration for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, the acknowledged master of fugue, affected not only painters in Paris on the eve of the First World War such as Georges Braque but also artists at the Bauhaus during the 1920s including the American Lyonel Feininger and the Swiss Johannes Itten. Other Bauhaus artists, Klee and Kandinskv among them, devoted significant time and energy to examining whether it was possible to translate actual fragments of music or specific musical motifs into the language of visual art. Abstract Art Paintings!

Welcome “Vertigo” To Your Home/Business

Why not welcome “Vertigo” to your home or business today? Whether your walls are White, Gray, or Deep Purple, I'm sure this painting would look great wherever you decide to hang it! Abstract Art Paintings! ~Joey

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