Energy | Joey Santiago Fine Art

This is a beautiful 36 X 36 sofa sized painting titled “Energy“, by artist Joey Santiago. With just a couple of chalkboard push pins, this painting is ready to hang and is protected by 2 coats of medium gloss varnish. Abstract Paintings!

A Room Full Of Energy | Abstract Paintings

I don't often paint what I see but more on what I feel. With the colors chosen in this beauty, I was allowed to release my creative energy, while my mind, body, and soul kept calm and relaxed.  Abstract Paintings!

You have to keep in mind that each of the creative paintings has some hidden secrets and if you look at them closely you can easily find out those secrets. You just need to think it from my perspective and even if your ideas differ you can share your ideas with me. This will completely change your thinking way and you can look at things with different perspective. Abstract Paintings!

Research has proved that colors can influence our feelings and moods, so it is very important to go for hues that feel right in a workspace. Colors have its effects on the people who spend time in a room painted in any of the different hues. Blues and greens have a calming effect and vibrant shades of red have energy and vitality. In a work environment, calming and energizing colors could be used to reduce stress and increase productivity and energy levels. Abstract Paintings!

Welcome “Energy” To Your Home/Business

Why not welcome “Energy” to your home or business today? If you're looking to add life to any room, save this thought; positive energy abstract art paintings are there to capture emotions and awaken the senses. Be Energized! ~Joey

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