Windows of Inspiration

Windows of Inspiration | Abstract Art Painting

This is a beautiful 48 X 36 sofa sized painting titled “Windows of Inspiration“, by artist Joey Santiago. With just a couple of chalkboard push pins, this painting is ready to hang and is protected by 2 coats of medium gloss varnish. Joey Santiago Abstract Art Painting!

What Inspires You?

There's always a reason why we are where we are today. Whether you're a blue collar, white collar, famous celebrity or public figure, something along the way inspires us to becoming who we are today. Much so the reason for me becoming a painter. I didn't decide to become a painter because I wanted to sell paintings. I became a painter because of the inspiration passed onto me by other great painters such as Jonas Gerard, Gino Savarino, Osnat Tzadok, and Micheal Lang. I was inspired by the way they made paint dance on the canvas, almost magical to a sense. Inspiration is what drives us to accomplish anything we want no matter of our age, color, creed, or religious belief. Abstract Art Painting.

Creating this piece was (you guessed it) inspirational. I've always wanted to create a painting that would detail many different small paintings within one great painting, and as a result, "Windows of Inspiration" was born. Of course I couldn't accomplish this without the help of listening to Fourplay while sipping on a nice glass of Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. Abstract Art Painting

Welcome “Windows of Inspiration” To Your Home/Business

Why not welcome “Windows of Inspiration ” to your home or business today? Since creating this beauty, I've only starred at it more than 100 times. So what would it take to get your guests or customers to leave? LOL!! What Inspires You? ~Joey

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