This is a beautiful 36 X 36 sofa sized painting titled "I-ON U", by artist Joey Santiago. With just a couple of chalkboard push pins, this painting is ready to hang and is protected by 2 coats of medium gloss varnish.

Blues and Coppers

It's amazing what you can do with a couple of simple blue hues, copper, and a spray bottle. So this time, I wanted to stay away from the reds, purples, and the other crazy bright colors that you're custom to seeing me use. Unpredictable, isn't it? Well you got to try something different and after all, I didn't want to leave the big fans of "Blues" out of my portfolio. No, blue is not my favorite color but it's one of my favorites on canvas. I blended 3 different shades of blue with a tiny layer of white. The spray bottle of water was enough to give it the rainy, drippy effect. I know, I know, although the 3rd color looks orange, it's a beautiful copper paint, just like a brand new penny. I splashed a little black and added some texture and there you have it. Now why the name "I-ON U". Oddly enough and no I didn't plan this, you can see a pair of eyes towards the bottom, in the center toward the right. Can you see them? 

 Welcome “I-ON U” To Your Home/Business

Why not welcome “I-ON U” to your home or business today? This painting will look great on any shade of blue wall. Believe it or not, brick red walls as well. Remember once again, abstract art paintings are there to capture emotions and awaken the senses. I never over price my work because after all, everyone has the right to own something beautiful! Home Decor Art Paintings!

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