It's A Jungle Out There

This is a beautiful 36 X 36 sofa sized painting titled "It's A Jungle Out There", by artist Joey Santiago. With just a couple of chalkboard push pins, this painting is ready to hang and is protected by 2 coats of medium gloss varnish.

It's A Jungle Out There - Not all jungles are dangerous

Some of us vision jungles as being dangerous and wild. My vision of a jungle is mysterious, adventurist, fun, and oh yes, colorful. Unlike the scary jungles we think of, my jungle adventure, is much like some of the ones seen on TV. But this jungle adventure is especially colorful. They encounter various colors as they make their journey, from hue blue to fabulous red rubies. The colors are bright and cheerful. 

In my abstract portrayal of a jungle, you won't find any danger, tragedy, or threat. Instead you will find the colors of peace, tranquility, excitement, and adventure. 

I really didn't have a great name for this piece and it wasn't until that I starred at it for hours, that I came up with what it reminded me of, "a jungle". Not like the ones we're used to think of but more that consists of beauty, soothing color, the feeling of being safe, and unharmed. 

Welcome “It's A Jungle Out There” To Your Home/Business

 Why not welcome “It's A Jungle Out There” to your home or business today? This painting will look great on white, blue or yellow colored walls. Remember once again, abstract art paintings are there to capture emotions and awaken the senses. I never over price my work because after all, everyone has the right to own something beautiful! Joey Santiago Fine Art!

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